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FPS Control - Tutorials
Breakthrough Game Technology
From the #1 GameDev Tutorial Channel

Veteran game developers "TornadoTwins" operate YouTube's largest video game development tutorial channel. With the release of FPS Control, they will release an average of one new tutorial each week.


Basic Tutorial: How to make a complete FPS action game with FPS Control & Unity
A first look at FPS Control, why it's an incredible tool and how to install it.
Basic UI overview, quick exploration of the FPS Control demo level, how to run the game and how to modify it.
Understanding the object-based architecture and how to add components (physics, etc).
Rigging up Non-Player-Characters in just a few minutes.

Adding behavoirs to your A.I. (Non Player Character).
Avoiding obstacles using navigational meshes.
Keeping track of health
Dealing with death

Basic Tutorial: 3D Modeling for FPS Control
Use Maya? Here's a quick overview on how to setup Maya to fit FPS Control's default size/scale.
Use 3DsMax? Here's a quick overview on how to setup 3DsMax to fit FPS Control's default size/scale.
Use Modo? Here's a quick overview on how to setup Modo to fit FPS Control's default size/scale.
Use Blender? Here's a quick overview on how to setup Blender to fit FPS Control's default size/scale.

Basic Tutorial: FPS Control Features at a glance
Assigning footstep sounds to characters and floor textures for realism. On top of that, let FPS Control procedurally generate sound variations to save memory overhead and file sizes.
The stunning world of environment music is made-easy in FPS Control. Use Music Control to add music definitions, fade times and volume variations. From there, map any song to a specific 3d environment.
Make cross-team file syncing easier with our Synch Packager workflow builtin to FPS Control. Send this video to your (global) team to ensure you're using the same workflow to save budget and time.
More feature-specific tutorials coming soon!


Reference Manual
The best pilots hold their flight manual close.
All systems go: grab your copy here.
FPS Control Reference Manual (PDF)
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